about me?

The Me FAQ, version 2.0, circa 2002

Why is this here?

This site serves as a place for me to save and share information I’ve gleaned over 30+ years managing networks, technical teams and telecommunications systems.

I’m a fan of retro technology, mobile technology (especially Android), cyberpunk and atompunk culture.

Windows or UNIX?

Nowadays, I get paid to work with Linux, mostly. Lubuntu is my home OS of choice as it runs on my older hardware and I prefer and old-school looking window manager. 

I have a collection of VMs ranging from Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows XP, MINIX, FreeBSD, DOS, and GeoWorks, which saves me from trying to keep a stable of old hardware running. I would break my “no old desktops” rule for a Sun SparcStation 2 or LX.

FreeBSD was my OS of choice for a long time, I made quite a living supporting it for clients.

Random Facts about me:

I have a huge retro streak in me and love 80’s haircut bands, old industrial music like Front242, FLA and Fortification55, and old-school cyberpunk authors like William Gibson.

I won’t have to worry about losing my hair for several decades.

My favorite science fiction author is Greg Bear.

I’m an avid Lomographer and I compiled the LOMO LC-A FAQ.
Since many LOMOs are sold with instructions manuals written in Russian, a FAQ is a good thing…

Hand-hacking web pages is the only way to go. It gives me a whole new appreciation for people who do this full-time.

I’ve given up on two-door cars and own a station wagon. And a Camry. And now a Plug-in Prius. But what I really want is an old Mercedes Diesel station wagon that doesn’t look like it’s run through Damnation Alley. Back then, they took a block of metal, a tree and a cow and made a CAR.

My Current “Drugs” of Choice – Cafe La Llave espresso and Talisker 1987 Distiller’s Edition scotch.

Underworld — Cherry Pie (from the Majestic shoutcast stream) is playing while I write this.


Dreamhost hosts the site on their Linux servers. I use WordPress to provide blog content and manage my blog entries.

The rest of the static content on this site was written with a variety of text editors, including vi, pico and Notepad. I used to pride myself on only using text editors for web design, but having a proper CMS to format and display pages is a luxury I enjoy now.

I use Photoshop and IrfanView like a digital darkroom for sharpening, scanning and saving images to the web. I don’t do any hardcore retouching or adding/removing elements from my pictures, I’ve always thought that part of the thrill of photography was finding art out in the world. Creating an image in Photoshop that wasn’t there to begin with just doesn’t seem very fulfilling to me.

Some product links on this site may lead to affilliate product links, where I make a small commission on sales. All recommendations are my own and I don’t receive paid consideration or free items for evaluation.

Thanks to Christian Void for this page layout. I hate tables.

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