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McDonalds? Good Coffee?

McDonalds has been on a campaign to take some of Starbucks’ coffee business. They’ve changed their coffee suppliers and now offer espresso drinks in 70 percent of their restaurants. That’s a LOT of restaurants, and it’s got Starbucks looking in their rear view mirror.

I thought I’d try a plain old cuppa joe for review first before moving on to their espresso drinks.

The local McDonalds drive-through was empty. I was in and out in 30 seconds.

The coffee came nicely hot. I was pleasantly surprised at the first sip – their coffee has much more body than the usual watery fast-food blends. I got hints of maple, a slight tang, and a medium-bodied bite – slightly roasted.

I’ve got a McDonalds on the way to the freeway. In the morning, I think I’ll skip the Starbucks, their expensive coffee, the lines and the baristas.

What: McDonalds Coffee
Where: McDonalds restaurants
$$$: $1.49/16 oz.
Rating: 3 cans.

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