LC-A versus LC-A+


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After shooting several rolls of film through my LOMO LC-A, I wanted to compare it to my trusty ’91 LOMO LC-A.


The two cameras are almost identical. The LC-A+ is missing the diaphragm setting,  used to override the aperture and shutter settings for flash use. I don’t miss this much, as most of my photos are taken with available light. Over the years, I’ve bumped the diaphragm setting on my LC-A and ruined a batch of shots in daylight.

The LC-A+ has a threaded shutter release to accept a remote cable release.

The LC-A+ is missing framelines and focus icons in the viewfinder. Not a huge difference, but I do miss them when trying to compose a shot. If you follow the 10 rules of Lomography, this won’t be an issue.

Finish? The LC-A feels like a little tank. The LC-A+ feels a bit lighter, and the back flexes a tiny bit, but the difference is negligible.

Speed settings? The LC-A + supports 800 speed film.

Lens? Can’t tell the difference

Feel? LC-A+ feels better – smoother film advance, smoother shutter release. FIlm window is a huge plus.

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