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I’ve got music everywhere — on my laptop and desktop at home, a subset of that music on a work laptop to sync with my iPhone, music on a USB stick in my car and music on an SD card in my Android phone. One of my biggest pet peeves with my iPhone has been the lack of expandability – I always feel like I’m running against a limit with a 16GB model.

Keeping music metadata in sync is a pain, too — trying to keep genres, albums and artists in sync, and adding new music everywhere is troublesome.

I’m thinking about picking up a Chromebook and have been playing with the Google app suite. I started using Google Play Music – they’ll let me store 50,000 songs, the bandwidth required is pretty minimal, and most importantly, I can organize my music in one place and listen to it at home, at work, in my car or on my phone — and free up 5 gigabytes on my phone I can use for Google apps and podcasts.


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