FitBit Flex 2 – Just “enough” Smart


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I’ve been a Fitbit user for several years. I started with the original Charge, and most recently a Flex 2. I liked the fact that they were just smart enough — I wear a traditional watch, so I don’t need a smartwatch. I have my phone with me most of the time, so I don’t need the distraction of app notifications on my wrist.

Distractions kill productivity, multiple studies have quantified the time it takes your mind to switch from one context to another and get back on track after a distraction. Smart phones play a significant part in distraction in the workplace, social and family life, and it’s important to manage the distraction that an always-on, internet enabled device provides.

When I wore a smart watch, I found myself paying attention to every email and every notification from every app; it was as if I had my phone on my wrist. With a Fitbit, I’m notified of incoming of text messages and phone calls with a discrete flashing LED and a vibration, nothing else.  E-mail and application notifications can wait until I’ve blocked time out for them.

It’s about providing the most focus to the task at hand.

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