A great tiny homelab server – with multiple expansion options!


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I’ve been looking for low-power, small footprint homelab servers; servethehome.com’s YouTube channel has a great comparison of “tinyminimicro” servers – ultra-small form factor (USFF) desktops that make great mini servers.

I’ve run into problems with USFF servers only supporting 16GB of memory – it’s why I paid less for a desktop form factor server that supports 64GB of memory. It’s not a problem if you run multiple USFF desktops in a cluster, but I wanted to have one system supporting all of my workloads.

ServeTheHome reviews an HP Elite Mini 600 G9 that supports 96GB of RAM, 2 NVMe drives, and 10gb ethernet in a low-power, quiet USFF form factor. Too much? He also creates a mid-level configuration with 2.5gb ethernet, 48 GB RAM and smaller, cheaper storage.

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