This was another can’t-pass-it-up deal – $2.99 for 10.5 ounces at Walgreens. It’s a decent, medium-bold blend. I find myself making an afternoon cup on weekends. Normally, I never drink coffee on weekends after my morning cuppa.

Part of that’s probably due to the lower oil/caffeine content. If I drank a cuppa freshly-ground Peet’s coffee beans these days, I’d be climbing the walls and my stomach would be doing somersaults.

Smoother than Folgers, mellow, extremely drinkable, and I’m sorry to see the can empty.

Oddly, they only sell “Special” roast. I’d think that special implied at least two roasts – the plain ol’ roast and SPECIAL ROAST. There’s no accounting for marketing departments these days!

Chase & Sanborn Coffee is an American coffee company established in 1862. Founded by Caleb Chase and James Sanborn, it’s the first coffee company to pack and ship roasted coffee in sealed tins.

The company was part of Standard Brands from its formation in 1929 until 1981 when the company merged into Nabisco. Kraft Foods sold the brand to Sara Lee in 2002, and the Chase & Sanborn and Chock Full O’ Nuts brands were sold to Massimo Zanetti in 2006.

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