It’s Not The Photographer, It’s The Camera!


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I enjoy reading the high end DSLR discussion boards on the internet. Those gearheads go ape over minute differences in “chromatic aberration” and “barrel distortion”. They peep at pixels in Photoshop to see if their lens is able to give them a sharp image blown up to the size of the side of a barn. But all they seem to ever shoot pictures of is brick walls and cans of soda at varying distances lined up on their dining room table!

I think if you are going to make a fetish over camera equipment, it should be junk store cameras, not DSLRs. There’s something about a fifty year old scratched up plastic lens that makes magic happen. The proof is on exhibit at

Marcy Merrill, a professional photographer, has been accumulating cameras at swap meets and thrift stores and running rolls of film though them to see what comes out. She has captured some remarkably atmospheric images and each one is accompanied by a photo of the two dollar plastic camera that took it. Check it out…

[ Marcy Merrill’s Junk Store Cameras via boing boing ]

Update… Gizmodo picked this up, too. You go, Marcy!

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