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I’ve tried or am currently using most of the cloud sync providers out there — Dropbox to share camera uploads from my phone and wallpapers/files between Linux and Windows, Onedrive as part of an Office365 test, and Google Drive for music and movie streaming. All of them share one common fault — saving data in the cloud.

Dropbox has been in the news apparently reading files in their cloud; while you could put a VeraCrypt container in Dropbox it would gain security but lose a lot of convenience.

OneDrive and Google Drive have a nice mix of features, but no native Linux client.

I downloaded BitTorrent Sync and am impressed. Instead of using a cloud service and someone else’s servers, BT Sync creates a peer-to-peer secured connection between clients – similar to the Bittorrent protocol for file transfers.

Bittorrent allows “all-or-nothing” sharing for free, and has various licensing plans for business and personal use. With the free plan, I’m able to share my files between my iPhone, Linux laptop and Windows desktop, and upload photos from my phone automatically to my sync folder.

So far, so good.

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