Spigen Air Vent Magnetic Mount for Smartphones


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I bought the Spigen® Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount and it’s a great addition to my car. I’m managing phone calls for work from my car every morning, and couldn’t find a convenient place to store my phone. Spring-loaded phone holders are unattractive when the phone isn’t mounted, and finding one to fit my Samsung Galaxy S3 or new iPhone 6S was tricky.

The Spigen mount uses a magnet to connect to the phone. The mount comes with 2 metal plates, so I could use one in my Samsung and one in my iPhone. You can either slip the plate into an existing case, attach it using the included adhesive to the back of your phone, or buy a case from Spigen with a cutout for the plate.

Amazon has a couple of Black Friday sales going on, check them out!


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