I’ve discussed my office updates In a previous post. I bought a Logitech MX Keys keyboard and Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, and am happy with the results. The keyboard feel provides just enough feedback without noise. The mouse has more buttons than I know what to do with; being able to horizontal scroll in Excel with my new ultra-widescreen monitor is great. The combination cost more than some computers I’ve purchased, but it’s a smart investment.

I’ve been trying various remote desktop tools including Remote Desktop to access my work laptop from my home system. What I hadn’t thought about was that the Logitech keyboard/mouse combination can talk to up to 3 different Unifying Receivers, and that my monitor supports 2 digital inputs.

My laptop is sitting in the corner with the display and keyboard inaccessible. I’ve plugged the laptop into the monitor with an HDMI cable, and now when I want to switch to work, I hit the <2> button on the keyboard, press a button on the mouse, switch inputs on the monitor, and I have my work laptop, in ultra-wide 34″ greatness, with no network lag.

With an ethernet cable into my laptop to eliminate any wireless lag, I’m working on a 13″ work laptop with an incredible monitor/keyboard combination.

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