Logitech Zone wireless headsets


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In an earlier post, I talked about how I built an effective home/work office by using Logitech’s MX Keys keyboard and MX Master mouse with 2 unifying receivers. I put one receiver in my home PC, one in my work laptop, and connect both systems into one monitor.

Switching between home and work environments is easy, and helps keep work and life separate. I can switch to my home PC when I’m done with work and not be tempted to log in and keep working in the evenings, when I’m rechgarging by spending time with family,  relaxing and preparing for tomorrow’s tasks.

The one snag in my setup is headsets. I have a work headset and a home headset, both wired models. I end up havcing to switch between them when I switch from home to work and vice versa.

Logitech has come out with the Zone Wireless headset, a nice looking Bluetooth headset. What sets it apart is a new unifying receiver that can tie in the headset and Logitech MX keyboards and mice. It’ll also connect via Bluetooth to a cell phone.

With a Zone Wireless headset and a second audio unifying receiver, I could make a seamless work/home/phone environment and get rid of two more cables.


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