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I found a good list of of new and missing features in the “New” Outlook; I’ve been swapping back and forth between the two at work and have been concerned about the features and workflows that have been part of Outlook from the beginning are being dropped.

One example is Microsoft ToDo replacing the Tasks folder in Outlook. I rely heavily on Outlook task categories for task tracking and ToDo has a long way to go.

Microsoft develops an Office app suite for Windows, another app suite for Mac, and the web components. With this “new” Outlook, essentially a web app wrapped in a Windows app, I can see the direction Microsoft it going -single code base, less effort, more parity between platforms.

New features:

  • Pin/Unpin Email

  • Snooze email

  • Density has 3 choices instead of 2

  • Can preview message body next to subject in message list (replaces 1/2/3 line message preview – see below)

  • Board

  • Integrates MS Loop cloud components

Features removed (in no particular order):

  • Customize ribbon

  • Ribbon cannot be hidden

  • Preview 1, 2, or 3 lines of message body in message list

  • Choose columns to show in message list

  • Separation of categories from subject in message list

  • Shared categories cannot have color

  • Cannot “view source” of HTML emails

  • Status bar

    • Item count, server connectivity status, zoom level, etc.

  • Rearranging folders in folder tree

  • Cannot set folder to show item count

  • Outlook forms

  • Notes view

  • Folders view

  • Folder pane cannot be “minimized” to show folders sideways

  • “Share to Teams”

  • “Send to OneNote”

  • Find/replace within message when composing email (Ctrl+F)

  • Outlook Today (although may be replaced with “My Day” or “Board”)

  • PST file support

  • Translate

  • Search ribbon

  • Advanced Search (Ctrl+Shift+F)

  • Search Folders

    • “Unread Mail” in favorites is an example

  • Cannot right-click and “Add to favorites” for shared mailboxes

  • Reply with IM (opens Teams chat with sender)

  • Copy email attachments

  • Sort/Filter options greatly reduced

  • Rules are far less capable

    • Can see, but not access/use better rules from old Outlook

    • Rule to move message to another mailbox

  • OneDrive link does not honor policies and be hidden

  • “To Do” opens in browser instead of within Outlook

  • No contacts from shared mailboxes

  • No print options in Mail view. Must open each message and print one at a time

  • No print options in Contacts view

  • “Clean up” mailbox

  • Send/Receive/Sync Now

  • Creating email signatures via script

  • Recall email

  • Resend email

  • Work offline

  • Quick Access Toolbar and Previous/Next email buttons when viewing a message

  • Public folders must be manually added to favorites to see them

  • Accessibility is basically gone

  • Using Outlook without mouse/touch is not possible

  • To Do bar (although may be replaced with “My Day” or “Board”)

  • View Settings is extremely gutted. (old Outlook is insanely powerful here)

  • Rich text format for composing email

  • Voting options (replaced with browser-based MS forms)

  • Does not use Word as email message editor, so these features are gone when composing email:

    • Styles, smart tables, thesaurus, find & replace, paragraph formatting, advanced character formatting, page color, effects, themes, smart art, word art, OLE objects, etc.

    • Set bullet type/style in bulleted list

    • Quick Parts

    • Right-click

  • Does not use Word as description editor for calendar event entries. So, above features are gone here too

  • Email composer does not support:

    • Message expiration

    • Hanging indents or tab customization

    • Reply-to alternate email address

    • Digitally signing or encrypting emails

  • Auto pick time for creating meetings

  • High importance & low importance tags for calendar events

  • Dictation

  • No way to open address book within “Create calendar event”

  • Looking at Settings/Options reveals dozens (hundreds?) of missing options when compared to old Outlook

New features (from the comments):

  • None

Features missing (from the comments):

  • Alt-R and Alt-W hotkeys

  • Not having Word as email editor:

    • Cannot put border or shading around inserted images

    • Can only select from a subset of Windows fonts

  • Does not migrate quick steps from old Outlook even though they are stored on the server.

  • Cannot open .EML or .ICS files

  • COM and VTSO add-ins

  • MAPI is gone. No more “Print PDF to email”, or other apps using email workflow

    • Can’t “share as attachment” from the other Office apps.

    • Mail merge using Word and Excel may not work

  • Message Templates

  • Unable to sort by name, then type in the name to go to that grouping.

  • Custom follow-up reminders for email

  • “Next 7 Days” Calendar view

  • Tasks view

  • Can’t delete attachments from emails and still keep the email

  • Can’t save an attachment where you want, it goes to downloads

  • Cannot setup multiple languages for spell checking within a message.

  • Read Aloud (text-to-speech) is only available within Immersive Reader instead of right-clicking

  • Right-click on message -> Find Related

  • Auto correct shortcuts are gone

  • Sort messages by category

  • Does not work with on-prem Exchange Server

  • Lots of missing Enterprise controls, such as using Group Policy to prevent users from adding their personal accounts.

  • Cannot drag-n-drop emails into other Office apps

  • Quick Steps cannot create new email

  • Cannot import Holidays into Calendar (.hol files)

  • Cannot minimize to system tray

  • Can’t view headers of attached emails

  • Gray theme missing, only white and dark available

  • Cannot change icons of quick steps

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2 Replies to “List of new and missing features in the “New” Outlook”

  1. Joe C. says:

    The S/MIME depreciation and the mone to Purvue. A good move. This will allow secure on Outlook online.

  2. Dave says:

    No “Groups” available in Contacts.

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