Anker Soundbuds In-Ear Sport Earbuds


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I bought a set of Anker SoundBuds In-Ear Sport Earbuds and I’m VERY impressed. Apple Earpods are my baseline, and it’s hard to find a pair of third-party earbuds that compete, let alone a pair of wireless earpods.

They’re inexpensive (Usually around $25.99 on that Amazon link), have great bass, are comfortable, and they stayed put when moving around. I wore them for 3 hours without a complaint.

The cable connecting the earpods is similar to headphone wire, without any stiffness. My other pair had a stiff plastic bridle connecting the earpods and it was too small and uncomfortable.

Anker does a great job with packaging. The headphones come with a small carrying case and a nice USB cable with velcro wrap. I was looking for a small light USB cable for my everyday carry bag, and the Anker one fits the need nicely.

They were easy to figure out, easy to pair, and didn’t suffer drop-outs when walking like my Plantronics Voyager Legend, an extraordinary noise cancelling mono headset. I wouldn’t trade it for any other headset, but for streaming audio it lacks somewhat.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of wired earpods to work with your Android phone, Amazon Premium Headphones, Android’s answer to the Apple Earpod work well and have a magnetic attachment that connects the earbuds together, making storage a snap. The cable is a flat cable from the yoke to the connector, which I like.

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