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One feature I’ve struggled with in switching to Android was being able to duplicate Apple’s VIP email notifications. I get a TON of mails, and need to be able to have just the important mails show up on my lock screen.

Samsung’s applications have a feature called “Priority Senders” that can work the same — with NILS ( I could duplicate the behavior and have mails from selected senders display on the lock screen.
The problem? My old Samsung Galaxy S3 was left at Kitkat, and Google changed permissions on external cards – so my apps that stored data on the external card couldn’t reach it.
I upgraded to Cyanogenmod, but Samsung apps don’t run on non-Samsung images. I’ve tried a handful of third-party email clients and apps; some of them have promising features, but some require sending mail via IMAP to a third party.
My company’s moved to Office365 and allowed Microsoft Outlook. Outlook for Android includes a feature called Focused Inbox that has separate notifications. Now, I can teach Outlook that my priority contacts should go into the focused inbox and get lock screen notifications.
One quirk – Outlook for Android includes a calendar and address book feature, but Gmail doesn’t “see” the contacts and calendar items unless I add the account to the Android mail client. I’ve added the account to Android, but one of the features Outlook supports is two-factor authentication. If Office365 support is blocked to the native apps, I’ll need to find another solution for integrating calendar items and contacts into one place.

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